1923 Mr. Masakichi Kubo, the first president, launches a mail order service for the whitening lotion "Utena" through a ladies' magazine, "Shufu-no tomo", thus establishing the foundations for our current activities.
1927 Starts trading as "Kubo Masakichi Shoten (store)" in Hongo (currently, Bunkyo-ku). Completes construction of the plant at Minami-karasuyama, Setagaya-ku (current site).
1928 Cream is categorized as three types, namely, "Snow Brand (vanishing, fat-free)", "Moon brand (hygienic, neutral)", and "Flower brand (cold, fat)", and becomes properly systemized.
1929 Releases "Utena Face Powder" (dry and wet types).
1933 Establishes R&D center.
1935 Releases "Utena lotion".
1937 Changes the trade name to Utena Honpo "Kubo Masakichi Shoten (Store) Co., Ltd.", and becomes incorporated.
1946 Changes the company name to "Utena Yakuhin Kogyo (Medical Industries) Co., Ltd."
1947 Mr. Norimasa Kubo installed as CEO.
1950 Changes the company name to "Utena Co., Ltd."
1952 Releases "Utena nutritious milky cream".
1957 Releases Japan's first cream specifically for men: "Utena Men's Cream".
1965 Releases "Utena Kids' Cream".
1970 Releases "Chaleur" series providing skincare and make-up range.
1974 Completes and starts construction at Iwatsuki manufactory. (Iwatsuki, Saitama County).
1983 Releases natural cosmetics blended with aloe extract: "Utena Moisture" series.
1986 Complete construction of current head office bldg.
1987 Releases "Retage" skincare series containing collagen into self-service category.
1988 Complete construction of Hachioji bldg.
1989 Moves R&D center and Logistics center to Hachioji bldg.
1991 Mr. Masayuki Kubo installed as CEO.
Releases “Pores” resolution for blackhead and keratotic plugs, and “Proqualite” hair care series for unruly hair.
1996 Releases "Matomage" hair styling series.
1997 Releases "Massini" hair-volumed spray enhancing hair volume and thickness.
1999 Releases "Lamuca" anti-aging care series containing 3 kinds of collagen.
2000 Releases ”Proqualite Straight Permanent ”, a home permanent kit for unruly hair.
2004 Releases "Puresa" facial sheet mask series.
2005 Mr. Tomofusa Iwakura installed as CEO.
2007 Sells off Utena Iwatsuki manufactory and starts facility-less policy.
2010 Renewal releases "Simple Balance" multifunctional skin care series.
2013 Releases "Liftage" lifting tape for sagging skin.
Releases "Yuzu-yu" non-additive hair oil, cares scalp and hair.
2014 Releases premium sheet mask series “ Premium Puresa Jelly Mask”.
2016 Collaborates with Kitagawa village, Kochi county. Develops and renews “ Yuzu-yu” series.
Opens a flagship EC shop at T-mall global, the biggest cross-border platform of China.
Establishes Utena(Shanghai) Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.
2017 Move R&D center to Kanagawa Science Park (Kawasaki city, Kanagawa County.) and establishes “R&D Tokyo Center.
Establishes Utena International Co., Limited
2018 Mr. Masanori Aosaki installed as CEO.
2021 Mr. Motoaki Tagashira installed as CEO.